Restaurant, Cafe & Hotel Lighting
Forget wires, cables and plugs - our lightweight lighting is perfect for your venue.

All of our lamps are portable, splashproof, rechargeable and durable - customer proof. That means you can switch them, move them and groove them all around your space to ensure your space makes a connection with your customers.

All of our products are super easy to recharge, and promise a battery life longer than you're open for.

The perfect lights for restauranteurs, cafe culture, hotels and hosts.

Our lamps can be strategically placed on tables and counters, adding ambiance to your dining or drinking experience. Our products' portability ensures flexibility when arranging your seating, creating a cozy atmosphere, and accommodating your customer preferences. All of our products are rechargeable, eliminating the need for frequent battery changes and avoids unsightly wires, contributing to a neat and tidy venue. Our water-resistant designs adds durability, allowing for worry-free use in busy, potentially messy settings.

Our Collection.
Our Collection.
10 Slot USB Charging Station
10 Slot USB Charging Station
10 Slot USB Charging Station
10 Slot USB Charging Station
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The perfect accessory for your brand new lights, allowing you to easily charge up to 10 lights with 1 powerpoint plug. Super accessible for restauranteurs and venue managers, you won't have to worry about charging your lights ever again!