These notes have been prepared to ensure that information is available in relation to safety and use of the related lighting products sold by Openedbox Pty Ltd. The following notes are of a general nature; specific information regarding the use of products is provided in the instruction leaflet supplied with the lighting products.

Our products are designed to conform to the requirements of Australia and New Zealand standards. They should not be modified and any modification may render the product unsafe and will invalidate any safety/approvals marks. Openedbox Pty Ltd will not accept any responsibility for any modified products or for any damage caused as a result of their modification.

All products are covered by a 2 year warranty if purchased from glowstore.com.au. Openedbox Pty Ltd is not required to repair or replace the product if there is evidence of damage or misuse in the product.

Our products, unless specifically stated otherwise, are intended for lighting purposes only.

Our products are designed for operation in normal ambient temperature.

Unless otherwise marked or stated, all of our lighting products are designed for operation in normal indoor conditions and rated at least IP43. Do not use in damp, dusty or corrosive situations. In these circumstances our lighting product will have the appropriate IP rating and resistance to corrosion should be used.

To avoid damage, failed lamps should be replaced promptly and the lighting product should be switched off as soon as lamp failure is noted. Replacement lamps should be of the same type.

All products undergo a Quality Assurance Inspection before packing for distribution. Before use, please check for any visible manufacturing defects/faults.

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