5 tips for your new Glowstore lamp

1. Charge your lamp for a few hours before using it for the first time

Charging the lamp out of the box ensures that you have full battery before your start using it. You don't want your room to go dark on your romantic date night.


2. Dim the light for longer battery life

Dimming the light draws less power from the battery, which makes the lamp battery last longer on a single charge. The dimmer the light, the longer the ambience.


3. Green light means you're good to go

When you plug in the charging cable, a light will appear. If it's red you should charge it, if it's green you are good to go!


4. Use a warmer light temperature when studying or working

If you are using a table lamp for study or work, try changing the temperature to a warmer tone. This will reduce any eye strain that you might get while working for long periods of time.


5. Change the tempurature to suit the mood

If you recieved a lamp with adjustable temperature settings, change the warmth of the lamp to match mood of the room! Are you in a cozy and relaxing setting? Use a warm white light.